Yukon Aboriginal Tourism Operators  


Glacier Wilderness Ventures
Louise Gordon
Box 86
Atlin, BC V0B 1A0
Phone: (250) 651-7466
Fax: (250) 651-7466


Beaver Creek Visitor Reception Centre
General Delivery
Beaver Creek, Yukon, Y0B 1A0
Phone: (867) 862-7321
Fax: (867) 862-7614
E-mail: vic.beavercreek@gov.yk.ca
Description: Beaver Creek Visitor reception centre includes a display of local White River First Nation art work.


Dalan Campground
Kluane First Nation
General Delivery
Burwash Landing, Yukon
Y0B 1V0
Phone: (867) 841-4274
Fax: (867) 841-5900
E-mail: affikeyi@yknet.yk.ca
Description: 25 campsites


Nare Boat Tours
Patrick James
Box 78
Carcross, Yukon Y0B 1B0
Phone: (867) 821-3131
Description: Fishing and native crafts, boat charters and ground transfer for Chilkoot hikers. Local historical knowledge.

Tlingit Tours
Carcross Yukon
Phone: Marilyn (867) 821-4055 or Corrine (867)821-4113 for more information.
Description: Two exclusive First Nation Historic ATV Adventures within Carcross area. Each tour will engage our guests in an exclusive Yukon First Nation experience while operating a bombardier two passenger, automiatic ATV on some original trails that Skookum Jim and gold seekers once traveled over 100 years ago.


Tage Cho Hudan Intepretive Centre
Box 135
Attention: Cindy Charlie or Mark Nelson
Carmacks, Yukon Y0B 1C0
Phone: (867) 863-5830
Fax: (867) 863-5710
E-mail: tagechohudan@northwestel.net
Description: The centre showcases the traditional lifestyles of the Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation with elaborate displays inside and out.


Ancient Voices Wilderness Camp
Margie and Peter Kormendy
Box 679
Dawson City , Yukon Y0B 1G0
Phone: (867) 993-5605
Fax: (867) 993-6532
E-mail: kormendy@yknet.ca
Description: Operation is ran year round. The wilderness camp includes: tanning hides, smoking and drying fish and wild game, preserving local plants, nature walks and arts and crafts.

Bear Creek Bed & Breakfast
Margie & Peter Kormendy
Box 679
Dawson City, Yukon Y0B 1G0
Phone:(867) 993-5605
Fax: (867) 993-6532

Fishwheel Charter Service
Tommy Taylor
Box 891
Dawson City, Yukon Y0B 1G0
Phone: (867) 993-6237
Fax: (867) 993-6271
Summer and winter First Nation guided tours. Enjoy traveling the Yukon River by boat during the summer months. The tour starts from Dawson City and ends at a First Nation fish camp. Each trip lasts two hours. Along the way there are lots of views for picture taking and great opportunities that you may see wildlife. In the winter months you will travel by dog team or snowmobile. You will experience the winter like you`ve never experienced it before, the splendor of the northern lights the rustic cabins and your First Nation guide. The winter trips are customized to meet your needs.

Klondike River Lodge
Weitzel Construction LTD.
Box 69
Dawson City, Yukon Y0B 1G0
Phone: (867) 993-6892
Fax: (867) 993-6892
35 seat restaurant, RV sites, car wash, gas bar, motel,convience store, authentic native crafts, experienced/informative training available.

Donoja Zho Cultural Centre
Box 599
Dawson City, Yukon Y0B 1G0
Phone: (867) 993-6768
Fax: (867) 993-6553
E-mail: freda.roberts@gov.trondek.com
website: www.trondek.com
Description: A Showcase of history and culture of the Han people that lived there long before the Klondike Gold Rush. It features numerous displays, historic photos, dioramas, artifacts and lots of arts and crafts.


Ernest Vittrekwa River Trips
Ernest Vittrekwa
Ft. McPherson, NWT
Phone: (867) 952-2571

Tetlit Gwichin Tourism Society
Taig Connell
Ft. McPherson, NWT
Phone: (867) 952-27172


Alcan Motor Inn
Box 5460
Haines Junction, Yukon Y0B 1L0
Phone: (867) 634-2371
Fax: (867) 634-2833
E-mail: alcanmotorinn@northwestel.net
website: www.yukonweb.com/tourism/alcan
Description: Newst motel in town. 22 rooms over looking St. Elais Mountain range and Kluane National Park. Rated 3 1/2 stars by Canada Select. Open 24 hours year round. There is a public laundromat, showers, conference room and lounge.

Aspen Bed & Breakfast
Eric and Frances Oles
Box 5419
Haines Junction, Yukon Y0B 1L0
Phone: (867) 634-2816
Fax: (867) 634-2034
Description: Located minutes from Haines Junction, the Aspen B&B offers visitors a choice of clean, comfortable, private cabins with shared shower facilities or you can stay with a Yukon family in a large luxurious log home in a private sector.

Kathleen Lake Lodge
John and Janice Sturko
Box 5318
Haines Junction, Yukon Y0B 1L0
Phone: (867) 634-2319
Description: Gas station, home-cooked meals and cabin rentals.

Krude Che
Ron Chambers
Box 5358
Haines Junction, Yukon Y0B 1L0
Phone: (867) 634-2288
Fax: (867) 634-2378
Email: kruda_che@northwestel.net
Description: Of Southern Tutchone and Tlingit heritage. Specializing in Yukon First Nations cultural interests, song, dance, and artwork. Guided tours, fishing, hiking, wilderness photography. Equipment rentals and wilderness cabins.

Kluane National Park Visitor Reception Centre
Box 5495
Haines Junction, Yukon Y0B 1L0
Phone: (867) 634-7250
Fax: (867) 634-7208
E-mail: kluane.info@pc.gc.ca
Website: www.pc.gc.ca/kluane
Description: Includes displays of First Nation artifacts , tools, etc...

Kluane R.V Kampground
Richard and Rose Mazur
Box 5316
Haines Junction, Yukon Y0B 1L0
Phone: (867) 634-2709
Fax: (867) 634-2735
E-mail: kluanerv@yknet.yk.ca
Description :R.V. campground and campsites, gift shop, gas station, showers, laundromat and car wash.

Kwaday Dan Kenji, Indian Way Adventures
Meta Williams or Harold Johnson
Site 3 Comp 101
Haines Junction, Yukon Y0B 1L0
Phone: (867) 667-6375
Phone 2: (867) 634-7057
Description: KM 1566.5 Alaska Highway. Come visit our camp for hot tea & bannock, or walk on a guided tour and experience first-hand how Yukon First Nations People lived and survived for thousands of years. We also offer campsite rentals and traditional pole-house rentals (all wood & water is provided).

Otter Falls Wilderness Adventure
Fred Brown Sr.
Box 5454
Haines Junction, Yukon Y0B 1L0
Phone: (867) 634-2836
Description:Wildlife viewing and photography, bird-watching, fishing, swimming, hiking, horseback exploring, and First Nations cultural lore.

Rainy Hollow Wilderness Adventure
Chuck Hume
Box 5387
Haines Junction, Yukon Y0B 1L0
Phone 1: (867) 634-2554
Phone 2: (867) 667-1346
Description:Wilderness guide of Tlingit descent. Photography, boating, backpacking, horse pack trips, fishing, hiking, jet boat tours and wildlife viewing.

Sifton Wilderness Adventures
Eric and Frances Oles
Box 5419
Haines Junction, Yukon Y0B 1L0
Phone: (867) 634-2816
Fax: (867) 634-2034
Description: Air service offering glacier tours, fly in fishing - by the hour or day.

Tutchone Resources
James Allen
Box 2104
Haines Junction, Yukon Y0B 1L0
Phone: (867) 634-2423
Fax: (867) 634-2423
Description: Oral Southern Tutchone. Traditional knowledge and research (wolf, fish). Culture camps for children. In future will do hiking and fishing.


Benit House Interpretive Centre
Box 160

Mayo, Yukon Y0B 1M0
Phone: (867) 996-2926
Fax: (867) 996-2907
E-mail: mayo@northwestel.net
Description: The centre houses a collection of historic photos, artifacts, arts, crafts and traditional clothing of the Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation.


Ch'oh Donjik Accomodations
Ken and Patti Tetlichi
Box 25

Old Crow, Yukon Y0B 1N0
Phone: (867) 966-3008
Fax: (867) 966-3424
E-mail: choodee@yknet.ca
Description: Rooms available, 1 shared kitchen


Big Johnothan House
Selkirk First Nation
Box 40
Pelly Crossing, Yukon Y0B 1P0
Phone: (867) 537-3331
Fax: (867) 537-3902
Description: A replica of a historic building that still stands in Ft. Selkirk, this centre has a range of displays that include artifacts such as sinew, woven root baskets, aminal skin clothing, tools and arts and crafts of the Northern Tutchone First Nation.

Eugene Alfred
Box 130
Pelly Crossing, Yukon
Y0B 1P0
Phone:(867) 537-3331 or (867) 537-3628
Description: Eugene teaches and sells First Nation arts.

Selkirk Gas Bar and Groceries
General Delivery

Pelly Crossing, Yukon Y0B 1P0
Phone 1:
store: (867) 537-3710
Phone 2: garage: (867) 537-3307
Fax: (867) 537-3016
Description: Grocery store, some hardware, gas station, some minor repairs, tire repair, 24 hour cardlock.

Tutchone Tours and Outfitting
Roger Alfred
General Delivery
Pelly Crossing, Yukon Y0B 1P0
Phone: (867) 537-3331
Description: Campground, traditional dancer/singers, carving, fur and leather work, aboriginal chef/culinary, cultural demonstration, hotsprings, horseback riding, fishing, view photography, dog team and snowmobile tours.


Ross River Dena Development Corporation
General Delivery
Ross River, Yukon Y0B 1S0
Phone: (867) 969-2104
Fax: (403) 969-2118
Description: Grocery and hardware store, post office.


George Johnson Museum
Tip Evans
Box 146
Teslin, Yukon Y0A 1B0
Phone: (867) 390-2550
Off Season phone: (867) 456-4859
E-mail: gjmuseum@yknet.ca

Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre
Box 133
Teslin, Yukon Y0A 1B0
Phone: (867) 390-2156
Toll Free: 1-800-tlingit
Fax: (867) 390-2156
Description: There are a number of exhibits highlighting the heritage and culture of the Teslin Tlingit First Nations.


Tahltan Fiddler
Gerald Edzerza
Box 333
Watson Lake, Yukon Y0A 1C0
Phone: (867) 536-7303


Beringia Interpretive Centre
Kilometre 1,473 Alaska Highway (Next to the Airport)
Whitehorse, Yukon
Phone: (867) 667-8855
Fax: (867) 667-8854
E-mail: beringia@gov.yk.ca
Website: www.beringia.com
Description: Take a trip back in time to the Beringia Ice Age, in which the lives of the first peoples in North America are depicted in dioramas and interactive displays. A giant mastodon skeleton and replicas of other prehistoric animals are among the many exciting creatures on display.

Capital Helicopters
Delmar Washington
Box 4387
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 3T5
Phone: (867) 668-6200
Fax: (867) 668-6201
Description: General helicopter charter and contract, sightseeing, fly-in-fishing, aerial photography.

Dana Naye Ventures
409 Black Street
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2N2
Phone: (867) 668-6925
Fax: (867) 668-3127
E-mail: dnv@dananaye.com
Website: www.dananaye.yk.net
Description: A lending agent for First Nations who would like to start new businesses or improve old businesses.

Indian Craft Shop
Lorraine Joe
504 Main Street
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2B8
Phone: (867) 667-7216
Fax: (867) 667-7216
Description: First Nations arts and crafts. All products custom made.

Traditional & Western Catering
Whitehorse, Yukon
Phone: Rob Stevenson (867) 668-5056 or Norman Shorty (867) 633-2705
Description: Rob and Steven offer Traditional First Nation or Western catering services.

Trails North Car and Truck Stop
Steve & Audrey Clair
91266 Alaska Highway
Whitehorse, Yukon
Phone: (867) 633-2327
Description: Restaurant, 7 motel units, gas and diesel sales, liquor off-sales, garage and a convenience store.

Yukon Inn
Brenda Riis
4220 - 4th Avenue
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 1K1
Phone: 867-667-2527
Toll Free: 1-800-601-0454
Fax: 867-668-7643
E-mail: yukoninn@polarcom.com
Description: The Yukon Inn Mission Statement - The Yukon Inn believes in mutual respect and, as a team are dedicated to providing the guest a "HOME AWAY FROM HOME". The Yukon Inn is owned by six of the Yukon First Nations: Champagne & Aishihik Nations, Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation, Kluane First Nation, Selkirk First Nation, Teslin Tlingit Council and Tr`ondek Hwech`in Han Nation. All day to day operations and management of the entire property and all departments is the responsibility of the General Manager. The setting and monitoring of operational policies in the responsibility of the Board of Directors and Trustees. (If you require more information please click on our sponsor list at the bottom of our website ~ YFNTA)